August 18, 2021

Sex & The African Society

We're back from our break and we're back with an interesting conversation! The cast and our guest share their views on different issues that included sex and the African society, pornography and real life sexual experiences among others.

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This is the first of the Groove Planet Live Set series and features Leonardo the DJ & MC Nel mixing the hottest amapiano songs. The video can be found on YouTube on the MC NEL channel and features scenes from the Villagio Residence and beautiful spots in Accra. The extra scenes are by Osei Kwame and the Destination Africa team on YouTube.

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This is the first instalment of our guest features on the show. Introducing DJ Shugar as the first guest bringing you a mix of urban hip hop songs for your listening pleasure.


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A raging drill mix that brings the energy non-stop! Plug this mix in your speakers and have a blast!!

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In this episode, we celebrate the milestone of coming halfway through the season! We're grateful that you give us a listening ear and we will continue to bring interesting and engaging conversations your way.

We're also joined by @Mr_Dei (Twitter) to talk about our regrets and why it is important to forgive yourself whenever you falter. A very intriguing conversation coming your way. Enjoy and Share!

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In this episode, we talk about existing social standards that are set against children of religious leaders. We talk about why society should allow them to become their own people and live like everyone else. We're joined by Naa Shida who was on the podcast earlier in the season and Bernard who is a first-timer. Follow us on socials @themcnelpodcast.


Ethical Fashion Podcast

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May 6, 2021

Music Talk III

In this episode, we have new guests talking about music. We discuss the Ghanaian music scene and the attraction it has garnered over the past year and the global growth of African music. We also delve into African artists going to the Grammys and shed light on a few breakout ones.

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Our guests: @mr_asabere & @eddyquart

Ethical Fashion Podcast Links

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April 28, 2021

Heartbreaks & Breakups

In this episode, the show's cast is back talking about heartbreaks and breakups. They share experiences on the different phases they have gone through with their earlier partners and share a good laugh about some of them. Listen and Share!!!


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In this episode, we continue our conversation on friendships and how they end. We also host our first guest of the season, Naa Shida who joined us to talk about moving on and giving second chances to friends we may have cut off or vice versa.

The Gold Coast Report is also supporting the Ethical Fashion Initiative.

Catch the premiere episode ft. @virgilabloh speaking on the value of social media and democratising fashion ✂




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🎵: Kwame Yesu - Anadwo (feat. Black Sheriff & Kimilist)

We're back with a new conversation about friendships and the note on which they end. We share our different experiences and get to hear the wild and petty friendship stories. We'll be back with a second part to this interesting but short conversation.

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🎵: Avit - Vibe (Election Day - EP)

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